From your idea to reality,
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People who choose to collaborate with Fllow are fully committed at all stages of creation, from inspiration to materialization. Here is our portfolio, and theirs.

Focus Bioethanol

UX/UI, Communication

Focus, a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end fireplaces, renowned particularly for its suspended models, innovates and unveils its first bioethanol model: the iconic Gyrofocus.


Branding, Communication

Pariscience, the international festival of scientific documentaries, democratizes science by captivating the general public through images and storytelling. Recognizing the changing nature of its audience, including a growing interest from a younger audience in scientific content, Pariscience hired with Fllow to redesign its visual identity through a co-creative sprint.

Institut Montaigne

Branding, UX/UI

Institut Montaigne is a famous French independent think tank dedicated to supporting political and economic decision-making in the service of the common good. We were assigned the redesign of their corporate identity and the conception and creation of their website through 2 co-creative 5-days sprints.

Axa Climate


Axa Climate is a subsidiary of the AXA group specializing in adaptation to climate change. It supports, insures, advises and trains companies in the face of environmental challenges by transforming their extractive models into regenerative ecosystems.



Climeworks is a solution for capturing CO2 directly from the air. As global warming continues to impact our ecosystems, Climeworks stands out for its concrete, effective and measurable action. In collaboration with We Don't Need Roads we have designed a communication campaign to recruit new Pioneers.


Branding, Illustration, UX/UI

Gaya is a friendly, accessible, open, smart and committed brand of electric bikes! Far from its impersonal and ultra-technical competitors, Gaya opens the way to soft and sustainable mobility by adapting to all users, whatever their journeys, their luggage or their passengers.


Branding, Illustration

VIVEs is the Bayard group's new media ecosystem for women over 45. VIVEs offers two weekly newsletters addressing the role of women in the economy, their relationship to work and money but also testimonials, life stories to understand the dynamics that drive women (and men) today. hui.


Branding, UX/UI

Babilou has a new look and revamps his image. A new logo, a new website and even a new headquarter, the family business unveils a new identity reflecting its ambitions for the future!

Colgate Connect M1

Communication & Art Direction

Colgate New York calls on Fllow to launch the first manual connected toothbrush! Developed in partnership with French startup Kolibree, this connected toothbrush addresses our bad habits.


Branding, Packaging, UI/UX, Communication

Wyllit is the consumer brand of the Klitschko Ventures group founded by two-time world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko. We were called in for a 2 week double sprint in Hamburg to design the brand and imagine its possible applications in many areas.

La Bloomery

Branding, Packaging, Communication

In one week, in collaboration with a French perfumer, we have re-imagined a brand of perfumes and cosmetics: from the name to the bottle, including the communication and dressing of more than 100 stores in France!

Otsuka Laboratories

Social Media Campaign

Polycystosis is the most common genetic genetic disease and carriers are very often misinformed… yet, in life, it's always better when you're prepared!


Branding, UX/UI, Illustration

Lily makes life easier! Lily is an information and service platform for employees. It allows employers to make life easier for their employees by supporting them in their personal life events.


Strategy, Naming, Branding

EQITII is a revolutionary data marketplace that gives owners control of their data on a fair and equal basis. The company brings together an international team of experts, united by an overriding belief in equal rights and the conviction that democratized data is the future of business and humanity.

Dii - Politico Group

Strategy, Branding, Communication

Dii, a subsidiary of the Politico Group, identifies, analyzes and decodes the B2B trends of tomorrow, and shares them with professionals via training courses and confidential business events.


Strategy, Branding, Communication, UX

Karos is a court-voiturage® service offering shared home-work drives integrated with public transport networks.


Branding, UX, Communication

Wemap is reinventing the way we experience local information by combining meaningful content and practical services on intelligent maps. Wemap also enables publishers to create and integrate live maps with their own content in just a few minutes.

Hello Marcel

Strategy, Branding, Communication

Hello Marcel is the first connected personal assistant for parents. It provides clear, personalized responses to all searches related to children via text or Messenger, from activities and holiday organisation to shopping and advice.


Branding, UX, Communication

BeeBoss is the leading marketplace for businesses and the self-employed. Its members generate extra revenue, while brands can create and test new services.

You brought to life a wonderful brand, fast efficient and with a lot of passion.

Tatjana Kiel – Klitschko Ventures

Thank you, you brought us a great balance between experience and humility, drive and listenning.

Benoît Lamezec – Babilou Family

Fllow rocks !

Mike Mulica – Eqitii

We’ve been working on this for 6 month and you made it happen in a week. I only want to work with you guys!

Hanna Payne – Colgate


Our clients are our best agents ask us, we will connect you.



Our clients are our best agents ask us, we will connect you.