Lily makes life easier! Lily is an information and service platform for employees. It allows employers to make life easier for their employees by supporting them in their personal life events.

Branding, UX/UI, Illustration

Day 01

Graphic identity, research and logo definition

Day 02

Logo validation, variation on different media

Day 03

Illustration of the different universes, UX sketches

Day 04

User journeys, validation of the UX. UI definition

Day 05

UX / UI finalization, champagne!

Brand Design

Lily's goal is to help her users to effectively manage their life events (moving, taking care of an elder, ...). For this it offers a tool, and allows members to help each other by sharing their resources.

The logo plays on the job satisfaction, efficiency and conversation that Lily can deliver an effective and human offer.


The platform is organized around three themes: home, family, and seniors. To embody these three universes, to give them a human dimension, we have created three figures, three avatars, to simply identify the different subjects on the site.


All of the ergonomics have been designed around the balance between Lily's content and functionality. The user must be able, at all times, to consult information and interact with the platform. The UI has been reduced to a minimum in order to allow an experience that is both human and efficient!


In order to empower Lily's team following this workshop, we provided them with a Playbook to guide them in using the chart and its applications, as well as in using the different screens.


Strategy, Naming, Branding


Otsuka Laboratories

Social Media Campaign


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