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Colgate Connect M1

Colgate New York calls on Fllow to launch the first non-electric connected toothbrush!

Developed in partnership with French startup Kolibree, this connected toothbrush addresses our bad habits and stands out for several reasons: if it is connected and works with an application, the M1 is manual.
Communication & Art Direction

Jours 01

Exploration, benchmark et concepts

Jour 02

Storyboard, prototype and user-testing

Jours 03 & 04

Fine-tuning and Shooting Objectives

Jour 05

Website UX & UI

Jours 06 & 07

Shooting and Editing


Conception & User testing

Since we were 6 years old, we have not changed our brushing habits and miss 40% of our teeth, every day. How to use this incredible statistic to design an educational, geek and chic campaign?

After a first day of ideation, we identified several candidates for user tests and proposed several creative approaches, messages and CTAs.


Shooting Objectives

The most efficient route having been identified, we have produced the detailed storyboards as well as a Shooting Objectives document shared and improved in direct collaboration with our production partner in France: Isegoria.



Back in France we followed the preparation and shooting as well as the Art Direction of the packshots.

The two "gif" films, with their identical structure and easily adaptable format, reflect the idea of repetition and monotony while delivering clear statistics.

Shooting of the packshots in parallel of the film making.



The design, animations and interactions of the website were created during the same workshop.

We have also provided a modular kit for future updates of the e-commerce site.

Your next digital campaign in record time, contact us!

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