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Dii, a subsidiary of the Politico Group, identifies, analyzes and decrypts the B2B trends of tomorrow. It makes them available to professionals via training courses and confidential business events.
Strategy, Branding, Communication

Day 01

Brand definition: vision, promise, values, mission

Day 02

Positioning and baseline. Workshop around the trend book

Day 03

Graphic identity: logo and variations on different media

Day 04

Web storytelling & User Experience. Champagne!


Brand design

Well ahead of the organization of professional events, Dii analyzes and decrypts the B2B trends that will influence the leaders in the next 5 years. We have redefined the meaning of the initials of their acronym (on whose reputation it was important to capitalize) by highlighting the real added value of Dii: Drive, Innovation, Insights. We have also defined a graphic charter consistent with that of the group to which the company belongs, the media Politico.



Following the work on the baseline and identity, it was important to materialize and share Dii's expertise in B2B trends. We designed a "trend book" for the brand's audience. This activity, which represents the real value proposition of Dii, was until then very little perceived by the customers, it was thus necessary to concretize it in order to be able to demonstrate the true competences of the brand and to distinguish it from it's competitors.


Web storytelling & UX

Always with the aim of shaping Dii's new layout, we have redesigned the homepage around the main pillars of the brand. His expertise: news, insights, networking and business intelligence; and its products: conferences.


Brand Book

In order to empower Dii's team following this workshop, we provided them with a Brand Book base to guide them in the use of the chart and its applications.

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