We all like to get things done. We all like to keep things moving.
We all thrive on dynamic situations that set the creative spark on fire.


The essence of our job is to give birth to ideas and inspire the creative spirit in everyone, to build teams and guide them to solutions. That’s what all our creative experiences have in common. The search for the flow. That state where nothing’s too big to be unachievable, where everything’s so exciting that you just totally dedicate yourself. We wanted to find a way to attain that state in all our projects and invite our clients to experience it too. We created Fllow.

Sébastien Laading & Marie Lemaistre
Sébastien Laading

Co-founder of the Fullsix Group in 1997, Sébastien built and directed the company’s digital creative teams in France, Italy and the UK. In 2009, he participated in the creation and development of Zee Agency, a digital communication agency that grew from 4 to 40 staff in 8 years. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in both the luxury and FMCG sectors.

Marie Lemaistre

Marie cut her teeth at Zee Agency where she also worked with Google Zoo (between 2014 and 2016). With this experience under her belt, she helped define a new creative identity for the agency that attracted several new clients including Reflets de France, Audika, Guerlain, Cloudy Bay (LVMH), and Fiat Motor Village.


Brand design

Brand platform and graphic identity

User Experience

Design and definition of the customer journey


Conception and creation of interactive interfaces

Service design

Design of product or service functionalities


Positioning and communication strategy

Digital eco-systems

User journey design and touchpoint definition


Narrative mapping. On and offline content production


Incubator partnerships / Startup coaching


Fllow is also a network of experts who we invite to our workshops to benefit from their specific know-how.

Sandra laberenne

Founder of the Meiji Communication agency, Sandra intervenes on all subjects in the domain of press relations. Her expertise in the development of brand platforms and communication strategy helps us to validate or develop the key differences that will allow our clients to emerge in the media.

Aymeric Guilhaumaud

Aymeric is the founding partner and Managing Director of Post Advisors. Passionate about the digital developments that are shaping our daily lives and the opportunities they offer economic, social, political and cultural actors around the world, he has been advising start-ups and senior management teams on their global digital strategies for more than 15 years.

William Eldin

Founder and CEO of the XXII Group, William is a specialist in immersive experiences (VR, AR, MR, 360 videos...), in AI (emotional recognition, voice recognition) and in cognitive science...For William, there’s no doubt: tomorrow we will be augmented or we will not be!

Bonnie Ravina

Bonnie is the founder of Full Circle in Philadelphia. She helps tech companies accelerate their go-to-market strategy intelligently and efficiently. With her experience, she brings strong insights and a flexible, global, proven approach. Among other things, she has supported several French start-ups in their international development projects. Her motto is "to get things done" - and we love it!

joanne epstein

Joanne is an English copywriter and brand language specialist based in France. She’s been helping international brands define their strategy and voice for over 20 years. A seasoned workshop practitioner, she intervenes to bring our brand platforms to life as well as conceive coherent digital ecosystems connected to their audience.

Hugues Benhamou

Previously director of media operations and then Digital Talent manager at Groupe M, Hugues is our executive coach! His managerial experience and expertise in the digital world make him a precious ally for managers and teams involved in the digital transformation their companies.