We have a common taste for ‘getting things done’. We have a feeling for movement, we like dynamic situations from which the creative spark can develop.


The essence of our profession is to bring an idea to life and inspire the creative spirit which lies dormant within each person, to build teams and guide them towards a solution. And it is precisely there that the common point of all our creative experiences is situated: the search for Flow. At that point nothing is too hard to accomplish and everything is so exciting that we are totally dedicated to it. We have looked for a way to reach this point in all our projects and take our clients there with us. We have created Fllow.

Sébastien Laading & Marie Lemaistre
Sébastien Laading

Co-founder of Fullsix Group in 1997, Sébastien put together and managed numerous digital creative teams within the group (in France, Italy and the UK). He was then associated with the creation and development in 2009 of Zee Agency, a digital communication agency which grew from 4 to 40 staff in 8 years. He has worked with numerous clients, especially in the luxury and supermarket sectors.

Marie Lemaistre

Marie cut her teeth at Zee Agency where she worked with Google Zoo between 2014 and 2016. With this experience under her belt she took part in defining the creative identity of the agency, helping to win over several new clients, such as Reflets de France, Audika, Guerlain, Cloudy Bay (LVMH), and Fiat Motor Village.

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