In 5 working days, we bring your project to life together.
Involved in the conception, you are then independent, and take away the key elements and creative tools necessary for a quick and efficient roll-out.


Based on Design Thinking, our method gives shape and sense to your project in record time, while letting it develop in rhythm with its phases of conception. Our semi-immersive method means that we can work with our clients wherever they may be. We work in close harmony with our clients, gain knowledge of their culture, and adapt ourselves to their individual constraints.

Day 1

The first day is one of immersion in your idea and the market. A brand and business immersion. Our aim is to get to know your culture, your project, its ambition, and its emotional values. From that basis, we define the creative tools necessary for your roll-out.

Day 2

On the second day, we work on putting the creative ideas into practice, to present an optimal client experience. We develop the central creative concept, then map out the mechanics of this experience.

Day 3

At this stage, each article to be delivered is listed. The aim is to challenge and refine each of these, perhaps with the help of guests. We have an overview of the product and its creative expression. We also present an initial graphic guideline.

Day 4

Production and layout of the constitutive elements of the experience, due to the various pre-defined contact points. We create everything you need to foresee, to bring your product to operational status.

Day 5

On the last day, we hand over all the elements you need to be independent. You have the complete set of files and their sources, enabling you to use them freely. You also hold all the keys that allow you to replicate our reflexions for your future experiences.

These 5 days involve a semi-immersive schedule, with collective work sessions in the mornings and brief feedback at the end of the day. Throughout the process, we may invite along some of your colleagues, target-group consumers, or specialists, who will enhance our thought process and enable the pre-testing and validation of the concepts.

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