In 5 days, we bring your project to life. Together.
Having participated in the design process, you are left in control, equipped with all the keys and creative tools you need for a quick and efficient rollout.


Founded on Design Thinking, our method gives shape and meaning to your project in record time while leaving plenty of room for evolution during each phase of development. Semi-immersive, it allows us to work with our clients wherever they are, to absorb their culture, adapt to their constraints and create a close collaboration.

Day 1

On the first day, we immerse ourselves in your idea and its market. It’s a full immersion in your brand and your business. Once we understand your culture and your project, it’s promise and its emotional potential, we define the creative tools you need to make it happen.

Day 2

The very next day, we work on the creative expression of your promise to establish the best possible customer experience. We develop a main organising idea and map out the mechanics of the experience.

Day 3

At this stage, each element is defined in detail. Our goal is to challenge and fine-tune all of them, possibly with the help of guests. With a global vision of your offer and its creative expression in place, we also present our first precise graphic approach.

Day 4

Today is focused on the production and staging of all the elements that compose the experience at each pre-defined touchpoint. We create everything you need to envisage and embed your offer in reality.

Day 5

On the last day, we hand over all the elements to give you fully autonomous control of the project. You’ll have all the files and their sources to use as you see fit and all the keys to replicate our thinking on future experiences.

These 5 days take place on a semi-immersive basis, with collaborative work sessions in the morning and a quick exchange at the end of the day. During the process, we may invite some of your colleagues, target consumers or specialists to enrich our thinking and pre-test and validate our ideas.