Karos is a court-voiturage® service offering shared home-work drives integrated with public transport networks


Brand design

Karos is a multimodal home-work court-voiturage® platform. Their smart solution connects passengers and drivers according to their journeys and schedules to provide the best possible home-work transport solution. As Karos comes from the word «carrosse» (carriage), we chose to exploit the the world of fairytales to express the benefits of the service and the magic of the technology behind it.

Print campaign

Beyond the logo, we developed our concept across all types media. We designed a campaign for passengers and drivers, with targeted messages for each of them. The crown was used to valorise the user while the body highlighted all the perceived benefits, leveraging the lexical field of magic to ensure the continuity of the storytelling.

Video storyboarding

We also developed 3 mini-films. Each story was designed to demonstrate the simplicity and proof of the Karos service, thanks to which every problem finds a solution - as if by magic!

User experience

We reinterpreted the user journey by using the new brand platform concept too. During the registration process, you are now introduced to Oskar, Karos' avatar – a symbol of the intelligence of the solution. Beyond an opportunity for Oskar to present himself, the registration process allows our avatar to gather all the information needed to configure the application while demonstrating its advantages.


To empower the Karos team, we provided them with a Brand Book complete with the brand's vision and personality along with our creative and editorial recommendations for their communications.