BeeBoss is the leading marketplace for businesses and the self-employed. Its members generate extra revenue, while brands can create and test new services.

Brand design

With its strong stance and modular identity, Beeboss’s purpose is to federate, protect and offer work to the self-employed. Beeboss stands for the pride in being your own boss. The brand had to express its societal role, its commitment to freelance work, and its capacity to adapt to the needs of both its partners members.


We focused on 3 key notions to offer a relevant experience to users:


As this application is used daily, it has to be ergonomic, instinctive and efficient, and include a minimum number of interactions per action.


We used video game codes (stats, rewards, challenges...) to keep the user stimulated and inspired.


As the service deals with the crucial factor of money, the interface had to present information clearly and precisely to build trust with the user.

All these intentions were prototyped on InVision to test and improve user scenarios.

Above all, the creative challenge is particularly that of the distinction between zones of brand expression and user action zones. We created coherent design codes so that the user knows where to look for information and where to take action.


All the user action zones were designed in a pure, minimalist way, with white backgrounds and sans serif fonts for legibility and ease-of-use. The focus is on the action to take, with zero distraction.


The zones where BeeBoss advises, motivates and provides feedback to its members are highly codified. Their role is to inspire the user to take action in order to improve and get more jobs, and so they had to be highly attractive.


Here, the idea was to create to communicate the real benefit of the platform: “BeeBoss is the best way to make the most of your talents and your time”. To meet this goal, we designed an activist-style campaign with a series of strong, simple messages.